A collection of our own articles and other blogs of interest in the BETTER WORKPLACE theme.

Using strengths for resilience

Using strengths for resilience

Blogs and StoriesUsing strengths for resilience This blog by Marjorie Aunos is fantastic. It tells how character strengths played an integral role in helping her to come to terms with a life changing traumatic event in her life and build resilience through a positive mindset. Plus there are some...

More Lessons on “Work Wellbeing”

More Lessons on “Work Wellbeing”

Blogs and StoriesMore lessons on "work wellbeing"“Work Wellbeing: Leading thriving teams in rapidly changing times” is a book written by social researchers, Mark McCrindle and Ashley Fell and released in 2020. In the book, they explore the findings from a series of surveys and other research that...




Our videos are a mix of explainers on various elements of making BETTER WORKPLACES and stories on good practices that we have come across or been involved in.

ShareTree App Tutorial

ShareTree App Tutorial

ShareTree is a revolutionary platform developed to aid in the transformation of culture in organisations through character, positive leadership and the practice of gratitude. It is free to use as an app. Peter Maguire has been trained as a Culture Practitioner and actively uses the platform in his cultural change toolkit.



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