Better stories



If you are going to adopt a positive psychology approach to doing business and managing people, you have to change the narrative on all levels from the boardroom to the shopfloor and in the business relationships that you have with customers, suppliers and others.

Positive Policies

One of the greatest contradictions that we come across is organisations which claim that PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET and their policies and procedures really say PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST RISK.

Of course you need to manage risk but let’s get the language right eg a Respectful Workplace Policy that starts with “what good looks like” is a far cry from a Discrimination and Harassment Policy that reads like the 10 commandments ie “thou shalt not…”.

Employee value proposition 

Celebrate what is great about working in your business by getting your people to tell their stories about what they think – share it to get positive vibes in the business and use those vibes to attract and retain good people.


 One of the pillars of the PERMAH wellbeing framework is Accomplishment and another is Positive Emotion. Give people positive feedback and celebrate their successes to boost motivation and wellbeing.

Check out the ShareTree platform which is a great aid to the expression of gratitude on an everyday basis.

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