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Our EngageMentality coaching model uses a positive psychology and strengths-based approach to align, motivate and support people to deliver high performance.

It is a 4 step program built on a platform of continuous coaching that transforms the performance management process, experience and impact for everyone.

Delivered through 5 lenses that provide a holistic and inclusive approach to optimising employee experience, growth and performance:

  1. The roles that they play
  2. The relationships that they have
  3. The values and behaviours
  4. Their character strengths and
  5. Their wellbeing  

Turn your managers in to coach/leaders and see the difference that it makes for them and their people.

“A coaching style of leadership that asks questions to bring out the best in your people, and then trusts them to get on with it, is proving far more effective, given the incredible pace of change today.”


Ann Scoular, Co-Author of “The Leader as Coach” and acknowledged global coaching leader.

Do you have an EngageMentality?

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