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Are you one of those people who makes big New Year’s resolutions and then struggles to make them work?

If you are, don’t worry – you are far from own your own and there are good reasons why these big resolutions fail to materialise in changed behaviours for many of us.

Because change is hard and we need a process that works.

In his celebrated book, “Tiny Habits”, Professor BJ Fogg proposed that change is made a lot easier if you implement it incrementally and a number of essential elements are present – the equation is:

B = M A P 

Behaviour happens when Motivation, Ability and Prompt converge at the same moment.

If you think about it, the same elements are necessary to implement positive changes in business or any aspect of life.

The above diagram (from the Michelle McQuaid Group) provides a template for introducing a “Tiny Habit” to improve wellbeing in your life.

This could be something like:

  •  After I get up in the morning, I will go for a walk to my local cafe and I will celebrate with a coffee or
  • Before I go to bed, I will reflect on my day and identify three things that I am grateful for and celebrate with a self-hug or
  • At dinner time, I am going to ask my family to share something that they learned today or something good that happened today and we will celebrate it with Hi 5s or
  • Any activity that is positive for your wellbeing (or your team/family/other group), that you are motivated to do, that is  within your abilities to achieve and where you can tie it to a prompt.

If this is a wellbeing practice that you would like to look at for your business and your employees, we can help with that. It is also an engaging way to help employees to work on improvements in their performance through incremental steps and regular positive feedback on progressive achievements.

Our PosWork suite of services has been built to help businesses and their people to “flourish by design”. If you are looking for someone to help you to develop a better workplace, why don’t you give us a call on 1300 108 488 or email to arrange a first free consultation.




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