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The virtue of courage on show for all to see

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Leadership, Strengths

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Each month, Communities of Wellbeing has a theme which is the subject of our learning, practice and reflection for the month.

For this month of March 2022, the theme is “Courage and connection”.

The virtue of courage

Courage is one of the 6 virtues contained in the VIA Character Strengths framework that we use in our PosWork “EngageMentality” coaching programs.

“The virtue of courage refers to your will – your digging deep to find motivation to accomplish your goals despite challenges arising within you (negative thoughts) and around you (a person who disagrees with you).” Excerpt from “The Power of Character Strengths” by Ryan M Niemiec & Robert E. McGrath.

Within that virtue, there are 4 character strengths (itemised below with a descriptor taken from the VIA Institute on Character website):

  • Bravery: “I act on my convictions, and I face threats, challenges, difficulties, and pains, despite my doubts and fears.”
  • Honesty: “I am honest to myself and to others, I try to present myself and my reactions accurately to each person, and I take responsibility for my actions.”
  • Perseverance: “I persist toward my goals despite obstacles, discouragements, or disappointments.”
  • Zest: “I feel vital and full of energy, I approach life feeling activated and enthusiastic.”

Courage on show

As we watch from afar at the horrors that Vladimir Putin is visiting upon the people of Ukraine, there has been a vibrantly shining light that graphically illustrates the virtue of courage. That is the Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Consider:

  • His ability to maintain such a positive mindset about the defence of the Ukraine from invasion in the midst of the constant bombardments and loss of life (negative thoughts) and the propaganda from Vladimir Putin (someone he disagrees with) has been extraordinary and of enormous significance to the morale of the Ukraine people.
  • His bravery in refusing to leave the country when he is the #1 target and in pushing strongly back against the Russian offensive and calling out Vladimir Putin and his generals as war criminals is inspiring.
  • His honesty in ensuring that he remains authentic to who he is and that the people of the Ukraine and the rest of the world know the truth of what is happening there is amazing.
  • His perseverance in pushing the USA, NATO, the EU and the rest of the world to support Ukraine and sanction Russia and Russians of influence has been constant and unwavering.
  • His zest in being able to do all of that and maintain the passion and the statesmanship and be a beacon for the people of Ukraine and a champion for Ukraine to the rest of the world has been stunning.

Will you ever get a more comprehensive and demonstrative show of the virtue of courage than what we have seen from Volodymyr Zelenskyy over the past few weeks?

I think not and we only hope that his courage and that of all of the Ukraine people will result in an end to the conflict in the near future and the preservation of Ukraine sovereignty for the Ukraine people for generations to come.

We stand with Ukraine.



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