The PERMA model for wellbeing was created by positive psychology guru Professor Martin Seligman and featured in his ground-breaking book “Flourish”. That has been supplemented with an H for health by other leading positive psychology experts to create PERMAH.

The 6 elements in PERMAH are:

  1. Positive emotions: enjoying positive feelings and experiences that bring happiness
  2. Engagement: is about being in flow
  3. Relationships:
  4. Meaning:
  5. Accomplishment:
  6. Health: our physical, mental and social health

Understanding how these different elements of wellbeing work and consciously using them can work wonders in understanding ourselves and being the best that we can each be at work, in school, at home and in life generally.

Importantly, using PERMAH brings new insights to how we can best deal with challenges and build our resilience.

PERMAH is the framework that we use for the Wellbeing component of our EngageMentality coaching programs.

There is a free PERMAH survey that you can use to gain an understanding of where you sit against the 6 pillars and as an aid to developing your own wellbeing plan.

For organisations, there is a PERMAH survey which you can use to obtain feedback from your people about how the organisation is faring with those 6 pillars and what might be the areas where people most need support.

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