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Launching the Maroondah Workplace Wellbeing Project

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Employee Engagement, Employee Voice, Integrity, Leadership, PERMAH, Psychological safety, Purpose, Uncategorized, Wellbeing

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The Maroondah Workplace Wellbeing Project is an exciting new initiative that is designed to enable:

  1. local businesses and other organisations to learn about good wellbeing practice, measure
    levels of wellbeing for their workplaces and implement strategies to enhance the wellbeing
    of their people;
  2. workers in Maroondah to assess their personal wellbeing against a best practice framework
    and use simple tools and practical tips to create their own personal wellbeing plan; and
  3. both Communities of Wellbeing and Maroondah City Council to measure the state of
    workplace wellbeing in the local community as an aid to ongoing planning and evaluation of
    workplace wellbeing initiatives in the local community.

Why do you want to sign up?

There are some really significant business imperatives:
1. We need to meet our positive duty to eliminate or minimise psychosocial hazards
and sexual harassment.
2. We are suffering unprecedented levels of mental illness and burnout and we need to
find ways to help our people through investment in their wellbeing.
3. We are challenged to find and retain the people that we need to succeed in our
organisation and we need to get better at that.
4. As business owners and managers, we need to invest in our own wellbeing so that
we are OK and we can lead the way positively in our organisations and our

And, of course, you will be making a contribution to wellbeing in your local business community. 

About the PERMAH Survey

The PERMAH Workplace Wellbeing Survey is a centrepiece of Business Victoria’s small
business workplace wellbeing programs and the instrument used by the Australian Human
Resources Institute to measure workplace wellbeing nationally.
It is derived from the work of Professor Martin Seligman, a luminary in the field of positive
The Michelle McQuaid Group, developers of the survey, have recently added additional
content to address the 14 psychosocial hazards contained in the Model Code for Managing
Psychosocial Hazards at Work published last year by Safe Work Australia.
So organisations which participate in this project will not only learn more about good
wellbeing practice and get a line of sight on where that is in their businesses, they will also
start to address their positive duties in assessing risks associated with psychosocial hazards
and consulting their people about those things.

1.Maroondah Workplace Wellbeing Survey – participating organisations undertake
the survey from mid-September to mid-October
2. Free workshops:
a. Understanding PERMAH: 9.30 – 11.30, Wednesday 11 October 2023
b. Leveraging Character Strengths, 9.30 – 11.30, 18 0ctober 2023
c. Managing Psychosocial Hazards, 9.30 – 11.30, 25 October 2023
3. Celebration – event presenting aggregated data for community and showcasing
organisational stories of success.
Businesses with 10 or more employees will be able to access special pricing for a 12 month
sub-licence for the PERMAH Workplace Wellbeing Survey and the Psychosocial Hazard Panel
Add-on as follows:
For businesses with less than 10 employees, there will be options for debriefs from
professionally accredited PERMAH consultants at heavily discounted (or free) rates.
Every employee who does the survey gets their own personal report and the tools and
tips to develop their own personal wellbeing plan….for free.

Want to sign up?

Go to and register.

Our Practice Leader, Peter Maguire is the Project Leader and, if you have any questions, give him a call on 0438 533 311 or email




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