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Inspecting the Strength of Social Intelligence

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Strengths

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Social intelligence is one of the three character strengths that comprise the Virtue of Humanity.

Humanity describes strengths that manifest in caring relationships with others. These strengths are interpersonal and are mostly relevant in one-on-one relationships.

What is social intelligence?

When a person knows what makes other people tick, he or she is displaying social intelligence. 

They’re aware of the motives and feelings of themselves and others, and how to fit into different social situations. 

They can feel comfortable and say the right thing whether they’re in the boardroom or the maintenance shed, in a school setting or at a construction site. 

Social intelligence involves two general components:

  • Social awareness: what we sense about others
  • Social facility: what we do with our awareness

Why is social intelligence of value?

  • Social and emotional intelligence help in negotiating successful transactions with other people, whether in social or business situations.
  • Social intelligence contributes to a high level of comfort across a variety of social situations, opening up opportunities for meeting new people and participating in new experiences.
  • The ability to recognise and respond to differences in others contributes to establishing trust and helps in building relationships.

A couple of questions to consider

  • What are the social situations that have had the most positive outcomes for you?
  • What other character strengths help you to be more socially intelligent?

Some things that you can do to practise social intelligence

  • When you find yourself in a relational argument you have been in before attempt to find at least one positive element in the other person’s comments or opinions.
  • Ask someone close to you what they most appreciate about the way that you interact with them and what they would most like you to do differently. 
  • Evaluate one or more of your emotions in a complex situation. Consider the benefits to yourself in sharing those emotions with others.

For more information on the strength of social intelligence, go to…/social-intelligence

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Acknowledgement: the primary reference for this post is “The Power of Character Strengths: Appreciate And Ignite Your Positive Personality” by Ryan M. Niemiec & Robert E. McGrath (An Official Guide From The VIA Institute on Character)



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