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I am in the process of completing a Certificate in Leading Safety and Care with the wonderful team at the Michelle McQuaid Group. One of the great benefits of undertaking this program is to experience a different perspective on the positive duty to eliminate or minimise psychosocial hazards that all businesses need to exercise – by applying a layer of positive psychology and it is amazing what a difference that makes.  

We need to move from a culture of COMPLIANCE to a culture of CARE. That is the core message from the program and the image above sets out what CARE looks like.

This is also why the positive duties are being introduced – because our traditional compliance system of having a policy and procedures, telling people about them, requiring their compliance and responding to complaints or incidents with investigations and disciplinary actions doesn’t work….at least in so far as creating psychologically safe workplaces is concerned. 

For organisations which genuinely want to care for their people and their wellbeing, the introduction of the psychosocial hazards is not a bad thing. In fact, it provides us with some really useful concepts and prompts to explore ways that we might be able to improve workplace wellbeing and psychological safety.

Those questions can also help us to explore why it is that someone might be struggling at work and to do that in a systematic, empathetic and non-threatening way. .. and that is where the CARE model comes in. 

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