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We chose the Appreciative Inquiry process as our change management methodology because we believe (and the evidence shows) that it delivers much more positive results and a much more positive, inclusive and collaborative experience for participants than traditional change management processes. Her is she background on what it is, how it works and why it is beneficial.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a problem-solving and change management approach that focuses on identifying and amplifying the positive aspects of an organization or system. It emphasizes the exploration of what works well, the discovery of strengths and opportunities, and the envisioning of a desirable future. AI is rooted in the belief that organizations and individuals grow and thrive by building on their strengths rather than focusing solely on fixing problems.

The process of AI typically follows a four-phase cycle known as the 4-D model:

  1. Discovery: This phase involves identifying and appreciating the positive qualities, experiences, and successes within the organization. It includes interviews, surveys, and other data collection methods to gather stories and examples of what has worked well in the past.

  2. Dream: In this phase, participants collectively envision a desired future based on the discoveries from the previous phase. They engage in creative and collaborative exercises to imagine an ideal state for the organization and explore possibilities.

  3. Design: Here, the focus shifts to designing practical and actionable strategies to realize the envisioned future. Participants identify specific steps, goals, and initiatives that can help move the organization toward the desired state. They leverage the strengths and positive elements identified earlier to shape the design of these initiatives.

  4. Destiny (or Delivery): The final phase involves the implementation and execution of the designed strategies. The organization takes concrete actions, monitors progress, and adjusts its approach as needed. This phase emphasizes learning, adaptation, and ongoing improvement based on feedback and results.

Appreciative Inquiry is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Positive focus: Unlike traditional problem-solving approaches, AI places emphasis on what is already working well, fostering a positive mindset and energizing participants. This approach creates a more engaging and motivating environment for change.

  2. Strengths-based approach: By identifying and amplifying strengths, AI helps organizations build upon their existing capabilities and resources. It encourages individuals to leverage their skills and talents, leading to increased self-confidence and a sense of empowerment.

  3. Collaboration and engagement: AI is a participatory process that involves multiple stakeholders within an organization. It promotes collaboration, communication, and shared ownership of the change process. This involvement enhances employee engagement, buy-in, and commitment to the desired future.

  4. Sustainable change: By focusing on strengths and positive elements, AI generates momentum for sustainable change. The approach builds on what is already successful, creating a foundation for continuous improvement and long-term growth.

  5. Innovation and creativity: Appreciative Inquiry encourages participants to think creatively and explore new possibilities. By envisioning an ideal future, organizations can generate innovative ideas and approaches that may have otherwise been overlooked.

  6. Organizational learning: AI promotes a learning culture within organizations. By reflecting on past successes and applying them to future endeavors, organizations can develop a deeper understanding of their strengths and capabilities, fostering a continuous learning and improvement mindset.

Overall, Appreciative Inquiry offers a constructive and positive approach to organizational change, empowering individuals, fostering collaboration, and enabling sustainable growth and improvement.


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